A City Farmer, A Chef, and a Host – July 24, 2012

A City Farmer, A Chef, and A Host is a New York City dine-around evening to benefit Just Food and The Sylvia Center. On Tuesday, July 24, 2012, fourteen concurrent dinners, each prepared by a top New York chef using produce from an urban farm and hosted in a private home, will bring together food enthusiasts, taste-makers and philanthropists for a common cause.

Co-sponsored by Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn

Find out more about the event on its blog here. To purchase tickets, click here. Guests will be able to choose their dinner preferences when purchasing tickets for one of the following dinners:

Dinner 1:

Farmer: Maggie Cheney, EcoStation: NY
Chef: Jeremy Bearman, Rouge Tomate
Host: Amy and Curt Middleton
Co-host: TBD


Dinner 2:
City Farmer: Eric-Michael Rodriguez, Weeksville Heritage Center
Chef: Laurent Gras
Host: Lili Lynton
Co-host: Leonard Lopate, Radio Personality


Dinner 3:
City Farmer: Annie Novak, Eagle Street Rooftop
Chef: Howard Kalachnikoff, Gramercy Tavern
Host: Frederic Rich
Co-host: Eric Sanderson, Author of Mannahatta: A Natural History of New York City

Dinner 4:

City Farmer: Abu Talib, Taqwa Community Garden
Chef: Peter Hoffman, Back Forty West
Host: Haven’s Kitchen
Co-host: Joan Gussow, Professor, Author, Food Policy Expert


Dinner 5:
City Farmer: Tai Gilbert, Loisaida Hydroponics Studio
Chef: Angel Ramos, Candle 79
Host: Katja Goldman and Michael Sonnenfeldt
Co-host: TBD

Dinner 6:
City Farmer: Karen Washington, La Familia Verde
Chef: Andrew Carmellini and Ron Rosselli, Locanda Verde
Host: Joanne Wilson
Co-host: Ben Leventhal, Eater.com Co-Founder


Dinner 7:
City Farmer: Yonnette Flemming, Hattie Carthan Community Garden
Chef: Dan Kluger, ABC Kitchen
Host: Laura Walker
Co-host: TBD


Dinner 8:
City Farmer: Zachary Pickens, Riverpark Farm at Alexandria Center
Chef: Sisha Ortuzar, Riverpark
Host: City Winery
Co-host: Dar Williams, Singer Songwriter


Dinner 9:
City Farmer: Heather Warren-Donbrowa, Bissel Gardens
Chef: Kevin Lasko, Park Avenue Summer
Host: Nina Bernstein Simmons
Co-host: Matt Lee, Food Writer, Cookbook Author


Dinner 10:
City Farmer: Molly Culver, Floyd Bennett Farm
Chef: Bill Telepan, Telepan
Host: Sarah and Victor Kovner
Co-host: Ellie Krieger


Dinner 11:
City Farmer: Classie Parker, Five Star Garden
Chef: David Waltuck, ex Chanterelle
Host: Kurt Giehl and Jeff Ragovin
Co-host: Jonelle Procope, President and CEO, Apollo Theater


Dinner 12:
City Farmer: James Casey, The Truck Farm
Chef: Dan Silverman, The Standard Grill
Host: Tasting Table’s Test Kitchen and Dining Room
Co-host: Brent Ridge, Farmer, Co-Founder of The Fabulous Beekman Boys


Dinner 13:
City Farmer: TBD
Chef: Jason Weiner, Almond
Host: TBD
Co-host: Brian Halweil, Publisher, Edible Manhattan and Brooklyn


Dinner 14:
City Farmer: Lily Kesselman, Friends of Brook Park
Chef: Robert Gurvich, Alison Eighteen
Host: Jenifer Lang
Co-host: Dorie Greenspan, Cookbook Author