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A Hot Week on the Farm

This week we kept a relaxed pace amid crazy hot temperatures. With no programs, we had time to get the garden in order–sprinklers were a priority–and prep for the weeks ahead, which are full of kids’ programs and farmer’s markets. We journeyed to Beacon for our second farmer’s market last Sunday, where we were pleased to see some return customers and many new ones. In addition to our produce, eggs, and Katchkie Farm value added products, we sold glasses of mint lemonade. Market-goers loved Jenn’s refreshing drink!

On the farm, we spent the week weeding and mulching the Children’s garden and continuing to plant seeds and transplants in the vegetable beds and the lower garden. It is surprising how much planning goes into making a garden be ever-bearing. Lots of timetables! We also kept an eye on the pigs, providing them with plenty of water to drink and splash around in during the hot days. I had so much fun watching them play in the mud bath; they coated themselves in the cool mud and then shook their wiry coats before retreating to the shaded tunnel.

This week Jenn has been busy fine-tuning her menu and preparing the dishes for Cafe Omi, which will take place June 23-24.