Aly Trombitas

Garden Manager and Educator, The Sylvia Center at Katchkie Farm

Aly started exploring food and farming education the summer after graduating college, and hasn’t stopped since! Eager to be outside all the time, she spent the last couple years in Massachusetts as a teacher for the environmental education program Nature’s Classroom, and spent summers working with kids at both Hawthorne Valley Farm and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. She loves watching the empowerment and agency that develop as kids (and adults!) learn how to produce and cook their own food.

Aly has also worked for Broadway Green Alliance, milked a lot of goats, turned a lot of compost, and performed with the company Sciencetellers. She holds a BA in Theatre from Muhlenberg College, with minors in Sustainability Studies and Public Health. A Hudson Valley native, she’s excited to share the love and excitement of farming with the community!   


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