Corey King

Director of Programs

From an early age, Corey has held various food service jobs while also pursuing scientific curiosities and cultivating her love for the natural world. After earning her BS in Biology from City College, Corey decided that studying Nutrition would combine her love of food and science. She earned a MS in Nutrition at Hunter College and became a licensed Registered Dietitian in 2014. After landing part-time nutrition educator positions with various agencies, Corey began to pivot towards community work. Her role as the program manager at Children’s Aid allowed her to build meaningful relationships with community participants. She also enjoyed spreading excitement around health and wellness through nutrition education, gardening, and cooking.

As the Director of Programs for the Sylvia Center, Corey designs curriculums and creates platforms for young people to be creative and share their passions with their communities. In her free time, Corey enjoys taking 12-mile walks throughout the city and eating different foods in both New York and abroad.

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