Our Theory of Change


Our vision is for all young people and their families to lead healthy and productive lives. By gaining the skills, knowledge, and capacity to cook and eat balanced meals, our participants develop a positive relationship with food and are less likely to experience diet-related health problems throughout their lives. Our students become champions for healthy food in their communities.  

TSC Strategies

We teach children and youth to take control of their diets. Through hands-on learning, our students learn to try new foods, increase knowledge of nutrition and culinary skills, and most importantly, build confidence in preparing and eating healthy meals.

To increase our impact and ensure sustainability, we train community partners to implement healthy cooking programs. Through intensive training and coaching, our partners learn to teach our curriculum, develop classroom and program management capacity, and instill healthy eating habits in their surrounding communities.

Our Pathways to Success

These two strategies culminate in the following outcomes:

  1. Children and youth will be willing to try new foods, understand the components of a healthy meal, and be able to prepare healthy meals for themselves and their families.
  2. Community agencies will have trained staff to teach these skills to their constituencies, increasing their capacity and broadening The Sylvia Center’s impact.