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Thank You for Making Farm to Table 2015 an Amazing Success

To the 350 supporters who came to the Farm to Table Dinner last weekend–thank you! The farm was at its absolute, most gorgeous–every flower in bloom, the long row of sunflowers created a beautiful hedge of brown, orange, yellow and green, beyond which you could see the farm and then the Catskills in the distance. Gray light under a slightly cloudy sky kept the air a beautiful temperature. Guests arrived following the same path our students take when they come to the farm to plant, cook, and eat. They passed the chickens, pigs, sheep, and our new addition from the animal kingdom–two llamas.

Hors d’oeuvres and drinks were passed by students from our Questar program, in their chef coats in the field house. Lovely music floated through the air while friends chatted and tasted their way through the Learning Garden. The dinner bell rang as the sun was setting and guests wandered up to the tent where long tables were set with lovely linens, farm flowers in mason jars, and an appetizer of Roasted Zucchini Blossom Flatbread. Liz Neumark welcomed the guests with thanks and invited people to start eating the simple, elegant dishes created by the Great Performances culinary team, such as Grilled Goffle Farm Chicken, Char-Grilled Peach Salad, and two special dishes prepared by Sylvia Center students.

Bringing such a dinner to the open fields without electricity and running water always has its amusing glitches and the flickering lights caused by the thirsty generators added a bit of thrill to live auction. The moments of darkness reminded us all that, yes, in fact, we were in the country. Nevertheless, the event brought in even more than last year’s meal and we’re happy to report that because of everyone’s generosity we will be able to bring over 2,000 students to the farm and again provide full bus scholarships to those who need them most.

Thanks to our ever-growing Sylvia Center family for believing in the importance of healthy food for all, and to the amazing volunteers who made the dinner so beautiful and fun. If you weren’t able to make it this year, we hope that you’ll join us next year. Please enjoy the many photos of the event below and listen to the special sound piece, depicting a day at the farm with The Sylvia Center at Katchkie Farm.

P.S. We are happy to report that almost all the leftover food from the dinner was received by Joseph’s House and Shelter in Troy! And remaining flower bouquets were happily received by patients at Barnwell Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center in Valatie.



Flower Sponsor

Judith R. & Alan H. Fishman

Trudy Elbaum Gottesman & Robert Gottesman

Renée Iacone & Steve Clearman


Leaf Sponsor

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Douglas Durst

Cindy & David Edelson

Nina Freedman & Michael Rosenbaum

Dorian Goldman & Marvin Israelow

Steven Harris & Lucien Rees-Roberts

Liz Neumark & Chaim Wachsberger


Root Tickets

Sherrell Andrews & Rob Kuhbach

Jean Hamilton & Rick McCarthy

Matter Unlimited

Donna Moylan

Amy & Curt Middleton



Farrow & Ball

In Pursuit of Tea

Skip Lievsay

Beth Linskey

Chef Albert Lovelace

Lover’s Leap Farm

Lee Salevan

Caleb Townsend


Thank You to the GREAT PERFORMANCES culinary team for this delicious dinner!


Special Thanks

Farmer Bob Walker & the Katchkie Farm Team

Jim Colvin

Andy King

Kristy King

Terri Lee

Emily Schreiber

Josh Tierney & the Design Team

Terri Lee

The Perfect Ten Students

The Questar Students


And thank you to all of our dinner volunteers from the Great Performances family and the Columbia County community for your hard work and passionate support.


Dinner Co-Chairs

Judith R. & Alan H. Fishman

Debbie & Ralph Gardner

Steven Harris & Lucien Rees-Roberts

Renée Iacone & Steve Clearman

Liz Neumark & Chaim Wachsberger


Dinner Committee Members

Rob Arango & Gary Stefanick

Peter Aschkenasy

John Banta & Daniel O’Donnell

Didi & David Barrett

Jennifer Baum

Sebastian Beckwith

Elliot Berkowitz & Kelly Schunk

David & Betsy Berliner

Scott Berrie

Myra & Charles Biblowit

Mark Chaikowski

Warren & Lenny Collins

Cindy & David Edelson

Sheldon Evans & Martha McMaster

Nina Freedman & Michael Rosenbaum

Ben Giardullo

Trudy Elbaum Gottesman & Robert Gottesman

Judy Grunberg

Jean Hamilton & Rick McCarthy

John Hannam

Nicholas Haylett & Timothy Husband

Jacob Israelow & Tanushri Kumar

Beth Linskey & Charlie Brennan

Michelle Lovelace & Lloyd Zimett

Dean Martinus

Stephen Metcalf & Koethi Zan

Dodi Meyer, MD

Amy & Curt Middleton

Howland Murphy

Michael Pollack & Barbara Marcus

Ruth Reichl

Steve Rosenberg

Paul Shechtman & Bonnie Yochelson

Nina Simmons