First Signs of Spring

By March 17, 2014General


After such a snowy winter, it’s hard to believe that spring is arriving. But,

in January, we ordered seeds,

in February, we started seeds in the greenhouse,

and just last week, our baby chicks arrived.

Help us kick off the season by making a contribution today. Your gift will help us pay for all of the pre-season expenses that allow us to open up our Children’s Garden at Katchkie Farm to hundreds of children starting in May:

$25 will buy five varieties of seeds towards the 250 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers we grow at the farm

$50 will buy two weeks of organic feed for our baby chicks

$100 will buy cooking supplies for our Seed-to-Plate classes in Columbia County schools and community centers

$150 will buy a month of feed, bedding, and other supplies for our two piglets

Any amount you choose - all donations make a difference!


donate now!