Fork & Whisk


Fork & Whisk

Every young person should be able to  enjoy, prepare, and speak up for healthy food. At the Sylvia Center, we can grow a more equitable food system by engaging youth around nutritious food in their own communities and by providing real opportunities for their future.  

Through our work in community kitchens, our students learn what fresh food is, how delicious it tastes, and what it takes to prepare nutritious meals on a daily basis. Our students learn practical skills, work together as a team, and become more open to trying new things and making healthy choices. 

For our older students, we connect this work to real opportunities in the local food system.

What is Fork & Whisk?

Fork and Whisk is growing a circle of support for the Sylvia Center. Fork & Whisk events help share our work with new audiences, and cultivate new sustaining monthly donors. 

With a Fork & Whisk monthly membership ( of $10 and above a month), members are invited to join us at special events, talks & activities. In addition, you will also receive discount event invitations to our signature Sylvia Center offerings, like the Latke Festival.

Join Us! 

Here’s what it takes to become a Fork & Whisk member:

  1. Read our monthly newsletter.
  2. Commit to a monthly donation of $10, $20, $40, or $50 per month.

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Join the movement to develop the next generation of healthy eaters, cooks, and advocates that can change the future of food.