Full Plate on the Farm

Our culinary-focused farm programs—located on Katchkie Farm in Kinderhook, NY— give youth the opportunity to be involved in every step of the story of food, starting with the planting of a seed and ending with sharing a wholesome, farm-fresh meal that they prepare in our outdoor kitchen.

During our immersive 4-hour program, children and youth tour our greenhouses, harvest vegetables, and taste their way through the Learning Garden – savoring tomatoes, pulling carrots from the ground, and seeing how cucumbers grow. Youth cook with our Culinary Team to make a farm-fresh meal, learning essential cooking skills, such as knife safety and how to sauté. They leave with recipes in hand and a new skill set that will help them make healthy meals and healthy choices for themselves and their families.

Programs are offered from mid-May through mid-October for students of any age. Choose any 4-hour block of time between 9am and 3pm.

Ideal group size is 5-30 youth plus chaperones. In order to make our programs accessible to all, our program fees are tiered based on need:

  • Public schools & youth organizations: $300 for 25 or fewer participants, and $12 for each additional youth participant. Tiered discounts are available based on documentation of the percentage of participants in the group that qualify for free/reduced lunch.
  • Private schools: $500 for 25 or fewer participants, and $20 for each additional youth participant.

Occasionally, we are able to offer small scholarships for program fees or transportation. Chaperones are free at 1 chaperone per 6 children; there will be a charge of $12 each for additional chaperone.

A snack and farm-fresh lunch is included in the program fee.

To learn more or book a program
E-mail farm.ed@sylviacenter.org or call 518-758-2170