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Getting Busy in July

IMG_0269We’ve been busy at the farm, occupied with multiple programs, the harvest, and the farmer’s market. Here at the Sylvia Center at Katchkie Farm, we call this phenomenon ‘July.’ It is easy to get overwhelmed by looking at the July chalkboard calendar on the office wall (nearly every day has some sort of color-coded chalk note), but the good humor and ‘we’re-all-in-this-together’ attitude of my co-workers keep spirits high and operations in motion.

This week we spent a good amount of time planning and prepping in the kitchen and the garden for the busy weeks ahead of us. Farmer Bob helped us out with some ‘big machine’ projects in the garden, and volunteers, including Robb Garceau the head chef at Great Performances, took on several hand-weeding projects. A mid-week break for the Fourth of July meant harvest day and the farmer’s market were upon us before we knew it.

While Julie and Meg went to the market in Beacon on Sunday (where we sold this funny looking eggplant, and made great new friends), Jenn ran a successful Family Farm Day. She told us how much the family enjoyed harvesting pizza toppings from the Children’s Garden for their individual wood-fired pizzas.