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More Time in the Day

One of our “favorite” expressions on the farm is “If only there was more time in a day!” This week was especially busy with our first farmer’s market of the season and two programs. Despite the long hours and hard work, I often find myself looking up from my task in the garden at the blue shadows of the Catskills and thinking just how great it is to be a Sylvia Center intern.

We participated in our first farmer’s market of the season in Beacon, NY this week. For farmers, going to market is a very rewarding experience. It’s a chance to proudly display produce and products, and interact with folks who share an appreciation for the hard task of growing food. Julie, Jenn, and I had a bustling day at the market. We received many compliments on the arrangement of our produce, and several folks asked if we would be returning to the market the following week. We happily replied, yes!

Programs this week included another bunch of first graders from PS 180 and the Chatham mentoring program, which consisted of middle schoolers and their adult mentors. The first graders gobbled up edible flowers (literally handfuls) and vegetable fried quinoa. The middle schoolers and their mentors were a great group, all eager to learn about how their favorite vegetables grew in the ground. The combination of kids and adults made for a very well-behaved bunch, and everyone asked smart questions. I’ve never seen middle school boys taste kale with such willingness and excitement! A nibble of Stevia leaf (a very sugary-tasting herb) before the kale tasting might have had something to do with their giddiness…