Private Classes now open for enrollment

By October 8, 2011In the City

Children learn to prepare healthy, delicious recipes from around the world, including pizza, sushi, and crepes, using fresh seasonal produce. A professional chef-instructor leads small groups (6-8 students per session) through a  mind-opening exploration of new tastes and techniques—great for kids who love trying new foods as well as those who need encouragement. We knead bread dough and watch it rise, simmer homemade tomato sauce, and make our own sorbet. Excursions to neighborhood parks, bakeries, and farmer’s markets complement the cooking curriculum.

Check out what a happy Sylvia Center parent wrote to the Nation Magazine:
[bquote]In June my 7-year-old daughter attended a cooking class at the Sylvia Center. They used farm fresh ingredients to make pizza, pasta, stuffed zucchini boats and barbeque sauce, not to mention some amazing fruit desserts. My daughter had a blast. Most important, she became aware of all the effort, on many people’s parts, that it takes to prepare great, healthy food. She decided for herself that the rewards made it worth it.[/bquote]

Ages 6-8: Fridays from 3:30 – 5 PM
Series of six classes
Fee: $275

Ages 9 – 12: Mondays from 4 – 5:30
Series of eight classes.
Fee: $375