Robin Quivers Runs the NYC Marathon

By November 7, 2010General

Robin Quivers is ran the NYC marathon for the Sylvia Center! Click here to donate.

On Sunday, November 7, Robin Quivers, co-founder of the non-profit 15 Foundation, ran the New York City marathon to raise awareness and funds for children’s nutrition. (Congratulations and thanks, Robin!) Robin’s run was yet another thread in her own inspiring story of how she changed her conceptions of and relationship with food in order to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. Robin used her run as a means to spread knowledge of the Sylvia Center and Family Cook Productions’ Teen Battle Chef program, as well as a way to raise money for each of these organizations.

On November 3, Robin and her supporters geared up for the big day with a beautiful dinner at the Nobu space next to Tribeca Grill. The event was lovely, and the food was of course delicious (and nutritious!). Almost everyone in attendance seemed to be familiar not only with Robin herself, but with the causes she has become so passionate about: children’s nutrition, the Sylvia Center, and Family Cook Productions. Four of FCP’s Teen Battle Chefs were at the event as well, to speak with Robin’s supporters about their program. Each of these young people shared inspiring stories of how their experiences with Teen Battle Chef have shaped them, in and out of the kitchen, from the way they eat to the way the act of cooking has connected or reconnected them with their families and communities. In fact, three of FCP’s teen chefs are now working with the Sylvia Center as assistant chefs at various NYCHA sites. Not only have Robin and the 15 Foundation provided TCS and FCP with new sources of support, they’ve also facilitated collaboration and mutual growth between the two organizations, all in the name of teaching young people how to lead healthier, richer lives.

It appears that the efforts of each of these organizations are well-aimed: when Fatimah Basir, one of FCP’s teen chefs and now one of TSC’s assistant chefs, was asked why she was now working with the Sylvia Center, she had a thoughtful, articulate, and heartfelt answer: “It’s about healthy eating to ensure the body with its full potential.” She’s got it!

Robin has already raised over an incredible 2/3 of her goal of $60,000, and donations will continue to be accepted until November 20, 2010. Great things will happen if Robin’s run is fully funded: the Teen Battle Chef program will be expanded to schools in Connecticut and New Jersey, and the Sylvia Center will be able to fund an entire year’s programming at a new NYCHA site, including invaluable trips to Katchkie Farm. You can help by visiting her fundraising webpage here and making a donation—every little bit helps!