Spring at The Sylvia Center

By April 20, 2011General

Small signs of renewed life have begun to spring up at Katchkie Farm. Though the snow has finally melted and the ground has begun to thaw, the most promising sign that spring has sprung can be found in the verdant greenhouses where Julie and Farmer Bob tend to the thriving winter greens and plant new seedlings including kale, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli and beautiful flowers for the children’s garden. Back in the kitchens in New York City, the change of seasons has allowed us to introduce a springtime favorite: eggs. All living things respond to the lengthening days with renewed optimism and reproductive urges. Hens, being birds after all, respond by laying eggs in profusion. Not surprisingly, eggs are traditionally featured in both Easter and Passover holidays as potent symbols of rebirth and redemption.
For kids celebrating Easter, what is more delightful than hunting brightly colored eggs hidden among the daffodils? For kids at seder, permission to eat the egg – dipped in saltwater and delectable along with matzoh, horseradish and charoset —   signals the concluding pages of the Haggadah and the imminent arrival of dinner. If you’re considering eating less meat, eggs provide a solid dose of protein and a host of other nutrients. So here’s to the hen and her tireless productivity! Happy Spring, everyone..