What We Do

Through our programs, young people learn essential skills in the kitchen, gain confidence through this process, and make healthier choices now, and in the future. Young people are applying the skills they learn in cooking class to other areas of their life and becoming advocates for healthy communities.

In New York City

Learning skills for a healthier life

In New York City, our direct service after school programs are implemented in three strategic formats: Teen Culinary Apprenticeship and Cooks for Health. In these classes, young people are exposed to a wide variety of fresh food and instruction in the cooking techniques needed to prepare a simple, healthy meal.

To increase our impact and ensure sustainability, we train teens, young adults, and community partners to implement healthy cooking programs through a training model. Through intensive learning, coaching and mentorship, these trainees learn to teach our curriculum, develop classroom management skills, and promote healthy eating habits.

In Columbia County

Seeing where food comes from

In Columbia County, youth are engaged in every step of the story of food, from seed to plate. The Sylvia Center at Katchkie Farm’s on-farm and community-based programs in Columbia County served over 1,500 youth, teens, adults, families, and community members in 2017.

Full-day programs at Katchkie Farm start with a tour of the greenhouses and farm.  Later, youth are busy planting seeds, harvesting vegetables, and creating a healthy meal using what they have picked.

Most recently, we have expanded our programs to Germantown Central School District, and are training teachers in healthy cooking curriculum, so they can eventually teach in their own classrooms.

I can’t wait to cook for my mom when I get home.

Kelvin, Katchkie Farm student

“I love cooking because it makes me feel like I really know how to do something.”

Yariel, age 9, Williamsburg Community Center

"I used to only let Asyiah help me with baking, but he showed us the other day how to use the knife and use your bear claw. He's learned so much over the summer. Now, I can have him help me in the kitchen."

Mom of Asyiah, age 9