Who We Are

It starts in the kitchen! The Sylvia Center teaches vibrant young people the fundamentals of cooking to unleash their potential.

Who We Are

The mission of The Sylvia Center is to inspire young people and their families to establish independent healthy eating habits — so that they may lead healthy and productive lives.  

The Sylvia Center is a part of a movement to develop the next generation of healthy eaters, cooks, and advocates that can fundamentally change the future of food. We work in partnership with others because we know that we can not do it alone. The problem may be big, and the stakes high, but together we can lift up young people to take their own place at the table.

This work is critical.

Nearly 1 in 4 young people in NYC, and 1 in 6 in Columbia County, live with food insecurity. Diet-related diseases in children and teens are on the rise.  Our programs enable young people to make healthy choices and get the most out of their family food dollars.

Our Students


Learn essential skills in the kitchen, so they can cook simple, healthy meals at home.

Gain confidence through cooking and doing something that’s good for them and their families.

Make healthy choices. Now, and in the future.

Apply skills they learn in cooking class to other areas of their lives. Skills, such as: teamwork, problem solving and time management.

Become advocates for healthy eating by teaching others and demonstrating leadership in their own communities.

Students served since 2007

our impact


of students who complete the program will improve their diet by eating more vegetables on a regular basis


achieve significant improvement in self-efficacy in the kitchen


young people learn to cook with us every year — in New York City and Columbia County combined. 

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