Our Mission

Educating young people and families through culinary programming to promote health and well-being

Participants in The Sylvia Center’s programming learn to:

  • Distinguish between whole and processed foods


  • Build a healthy plate


  • Explore new foods
  • Add flavor healthfully


  • Understand seasonality


  • Learn kitchen essentials

Programs boost confidence by helping participants develop life skills, including public speaking, teamwork, and time management. Teen and young adult programs introduce food justice and food science.

Our Impact

Improve their diet by eating more fruits and vegetables

Significantly improve their cooking skills

Understand how to make a healthy meal for themselves

Really “LOVE TO COOK!”

Our Programs

Full Plate

Designed for our youngest participants, Full Plate builds the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating by teaching the connection between the food they eat and where it comes from.

Cooks for Health

Flexible programming runs for six to 14 lessons, depending on the ages of participants. In Cooks for Health Family classes, a parent or guardian joins participants in the kitchen to prepare the same nutrition-focused recipes. 

Teen Culinary Apprenticeship

The Teen Culinary Apprenticeship prepares 16-18-year-olds to become peer advocates for health and nutrition and provides professional development through food industry-related job opportunities.

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