The Sylvia Center is at the forefront of youth-led change for a healthy future.

We teach young people about the connection between food and health through empowering, nutrition-driven, culinary-based programming.

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When young people learn
with The Sylvia Center, they:

Learn essential skills in the kitchen, so they can cook low cost, healthy meals at home.

Gain confidence through cooking and doing something that’s good for them and their families.

Make healthy choices. Now, and in the future. 

Apply skills they learn in class to other areas of their lives. Skills, such as: teamwork, problem solving, and time management. 

Become advocates for healthy eating by teaching others and demonstrating leadership in their own communities.

Our Impact

Through our programs, young people learn essential skills in the kitchen and gain the confidence to make healthier choices now, and in the future. Young people are applying the skills they learn in our cooking classes to other areas of their life and becoming advocates for healthy communities.

Improve their diet by eating more fruits and vegetables

Significantly improve their cooking skills

Understand how to make a healthy meal for themselves

Really “LOVE TO COOK!”

Our Programs

Full Plate

Tailored for our youngest students, our Full Plate programming focuses on exposing them to fresh, healthy foods.

Cooks for Health

Geared toward our elementary and middle school students, our Cooks for Health programming focuses on building confidence in the kitchen through nutrition education and learning fundamental cooking skills.

Teen Culinary Apprenticeship

Our Teen Culinary Apprenticeship programming aims to expose our high school students to opportunities that connect their passion for food with long-term career development.

Our Programs in Action

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