We’re growing a community of healthy eaters — and it starts with teaching young people how to cook.

The Sylvia Center is a nutrition education and youth development organization that works in high-need, high-potential communities to show young people how to establish healthy habits that lead to happier and more productive lives.

In community kitchens across New York City and Columbia County, students learn what it takes to prepare nutritious meals on a daily basis. By learning practical skills, working together as a team, and becoming more open to trying new things, our students gain confidence knowing they can do something that’s good for themselves now, and the future.

For our older students, we connect this work to real opportunities in the local food system – building connections to potential careers in restaurants, entrepreneurship and food justice. We believe that we can grow a more equitable food system by engaging youth as advocates for nutritious food in their own communities and by connecting them to real opportunities for their future.

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Self-Love Conquers All!

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Precious Richards is The Sylvia Center’s teen blogger and a participating teen culinary apprentice from Brooklyn. Artwork by Cindy Hu.  ***Featured Recipe Book: Treat yourself to recipes made for one…

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Oats, a superhero of whole grains, are known for their cholesterol-lowering abilities and fiber richness. Here at the Sylvia Center, we use oats to make a number of sweet treats—…

Nutrition Education with Program Director, Corey King

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Why Nutrition Education Matters Meet The Sylvia Center’s Director of Programs, Corey King Interviewed by Cindy Hu, Digital Content Coordinator Why is nutrition education important to you? What inspired you…