Teen Culinary Apprenticeship Program

Students focus on practicing and honing their skills by dividing into groups and making healthy meals they can cook at home for friends and family. Here we concentrate on cultural exploration, adaptability and customization. Students work on perfecting their knife skills and start to explore issues around food access, food justice and affordability. We work together on leadership and communication skills, and start to think about work-based learning.

Teen Culinary Apprenticeship
Ages 14 – 24

Our teens learn to become peer advocates for nutritional health. Over 16 weeks, students focus on solidifying foundational culinary skills as they explore more complex ingredients, cooking techniques and recipes. The program culminates with participants working as paid Chef Educators at various summer camps through New York City, teaching elementary-aged students in their communities to make delicious food with healthy ingredients. 

Teen Culinary Apprenticeship STEAM Food Science
Ages 14 – 24

We use the same 16-week training program as our Teen Culinary Apprenticeship to teach students how to design a healthy plate, understand chemical changes that occur during cooking and explore healthful culinary techniques. Participants expand their nutritional knowledge through activity-based learning, and get to grips with science and mathematics in a non-conventional setting. We aim to inspire our students to explore STEAM inside and outside the classroom, and learn how to apply key principles in real life. The program culminates with participants working as paid Chef Educators at various summer camps through New York City, teaching upper elementary and middle-school-aged students in their communities about food science principles and healthy eating. 

Work-Based Learning Apprenticeship
Ages 14 – 24

This innovative apprenticeship focuses on skill-development, career exploration and work-based learning in food and health related fields. Our curriculum begins with basic cooking techniques and nutrition knowledge, before delving into more advanced skills. Students create a dish without a recipe, learn the nuances of seasoning and explore complex baking techniques. Participants will enjoy guest chef cook-alongs, panel discussions and coaching by industry professionals as they start to explore their personal passions. We prioritize job-readiness skills such as networking, resumé development and interview preparation. The program culminates in six weeks of paid work-based learning experiences for 15 students, where the teens have on-site support from the TSC team, and weekly reflection and development meetings.