Cooks for Health

Across our five Cooks for Health programs we teach students to experiment with healthy foods, exploring flavors and textures through age-appropriate, plant-powered recipes. Our courses run year-round, including school-time classes, after-school sessions and summer programs.

Cooks for Health Elementary
Kindergarten–5th grade 

Students focus on discovery, learning how to distinguish between whole and processed foods, and build a healthy plate. They make snacks that can be made at home with minimal supervision. Most recipes don’t require cooking, and can be taught in a variety of settings. We encourage students to explore new foods through familiar and fun recipes, and incorporate age-appropriate activities to engage the students, including mindfulness, storytime and educational games.

Cooks for Health Middle School
6th – 8th grade 

Students create hearty snacks and light meals using recipes that can be made at home with a parent or guardian. Here we emphasize healthy food selection, and teach students how to read a nutrition label, experiment with varied ingredients and explore the basics of food science through baking projects. Participants develop their own palates and knife skills, and start to gain confidence in cooking techniques and adding flavor healthfully.

Cooks for Health Teen
Ages 14 – 24

Students focus on practicing and honing their skills by dividing into groups and making healthy meals they can cook at home for friends and family. Here we concentrate on cultural exploration, adaptability and customization. Students work on perfecting their knife skills and start to explore issues around food access, food justice and affordability. We work together on leadership and communication skills, and start to think about work-based learning.

Cooks for Health Family
All ages 

Children of all ages are joined by parents and caregivers for a virtual class in which they prepare a family meal together. We take seasonality as our inspiration, and participants learn how to make recipes adaptable based on availability and affordability. We explore creative ways to use staple ingredients such as rice or noodles, and delve into cultural cuisine. For this program, TSC provides each family with a fresh meal kit, packed with locally sourced ingredients.