Media Coverage

The Sylvia Center programs are frequently featured by local and national media outlets. Check out the highlights below. For press or media inquiries, please e-mail us.  To view our press kit, please visit this page


The Sylvia Center’s Farm Dinner Celebrates Kids and Cooking
Rural Intelligence | July, 2019
When you’re greeted by little sprites clutching farm-fresh herbs for you to smell, when you witness teens assembling two types of bruschetta that they themselves designed, and when you hear one of them talk about her life-changing experience in a culinary program, you can only be at The Sylvia Center’s Farm Dinner.  Read more.

Farm Dinner to Benefit Columbia Co.’s Leading Nutrition Educator
imby | July, 2019
The meal will showcase Hudson Valley ingredients, including produce from Katchkie Farm, throughout, while spotlighting The Sylvia Center’s activities with tours of the organization’s on-site teaching garden, where students learn how food grows and the skills to cook healthy meals.  Read more.

Recipe: Sweet and Savory Summer Rolls
Rural Intelligence | June, 2019
This seasonal and tasty recipe requires NO cooking, keeping your house as cool as a cucumber, which coincidentally you can find in these rolls. Packed with fresh local fruits and/or vegetables and served with two zesty dipping sauces, they make a great lunch, snack or dinner.  Read more.


Inside the Competition for the Best Latke 

Today | December, 2018
In a series called Destination Holiday, NBC’s Stephanie Gosk attends the 10th annual Latke Festival, during which cooks compete to serve up the best dish. Watch here.

Chefs Slice and Dice for Best Latke at the Brooklyn Museum 
News12| December, 2018
More than 20 chefs from all over New York compete to make the best traditional potato pancakes, with their own unique twists. The festival is a fundraiser for the Sylvia Center, which provides nutrition education and youth development. Watch here.

Sylvia Center Students Create Signature Latke 

Blyner| November, 2018
The Sylvia Center students will present an innovative potato pancake for the 10th Annual Latke Festival. A traditional latke is melded with an alcapurria, a Puerto Rican fritter made with plantain or yucca and stuffed with a savory meat filling.  Read more.

Recipe: Double Chocolate Teff Brownies 
Rural Intelligence| November, 2018
The Sylvia Center often focuses on whole grains in our recipes, yet we never forget about flavor. These rich chocolate brownies, made from nutritious, high-protein teff, are perfect for any occasion. Read more.

Art of Cooking Benefit Gala Featuring Dinner by Anita Lo at Sylvia Center, Nov.1
Apple Eats | October, 2018
The benefit will honor seven of The Sylvia Center’s founding board members, with dinner specially curated by Michelin star Chef Anita Lo at Hudson Mercantile. Read more.

Sylvia Center Promotes Healthy Eating and Food Justice 
Chronogram | August, 2018
The Sylvia Center is a nonprofit nutrition education and youth development organization inspiring young people to make healthier eating choices and becoming advocates for nutritious food…Read more.

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