40 Under 40: The Rising Stars in NYC Food Policy (Class of 2024) 

Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center | June, 2024

Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center is thrilled to announce this year’s cohort of 40 Rising Stars under the age of 40. In addition to this year’s Changemakers in Food Policy, Urban Agriculture, and Climate Impact, as well as our 2024 Media Awardee. Read more.

The 2024 Bronx Power 100 | The movers and shakers in a borough on the rise.

City & State | June 2024

The Bronx is booming. The borough – once known for years of unfavorable headlines in the 1970s and 1980s – has been seeing increased development and attention from the business community and policymakers in recent years. …Here are the leaders who are making sure the Bronx continues to grow and thrive. Read more.


Interview With Liz Neumark, CEO of Great Performances and Founder of The Sylvia Center

Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center | October, 2023

In 1980 Liz Neumark founded Great Performances as a waitress-staffing agency for women in the arts. Over the decades, Great Performances has transformed into one of the country’s foremost catering companies serving cultural and historic institutions across NYC. Read more.


Mayor Adams Unveils Food Education Roadmap to Promote Healthier School Communities Across New York City

Office of the Mayor | June, 2023

Roadmap Provides Comprehensive Approach to Food Education, Ensuring Students Have Tools and Knowledge to Lead Healthy Lifestyles. Read more.


Program provides free cooking classes to youth in the Bronx 

Univision New York | March, 2023

Adolescents learn about eating healthy so that they can take this knowledge home.  Watch here.


People Picnicked and Placed Auction Bids at The Sylvia Center’s 15th Annual Fundraiser

Rural Intelligence | July, 2022

Until COVID-19, The Sylvia Center’s Farm Event at Katchkie Farm in Kinderhook, New York, was held under a huge tent, where guests sat together at long tables. Like all organizations, The Sylvia Center has pivoted and its 15th annual fundraiser on June 16 was held, for the third time, picnic style. Read more.


A Picnic in Paradise at The Sylvia Center’s 14th Annual Summer Benefit

Rural Intelligence | July, 2021

At the end of a dirt road lined with sunflowers, a vision appeared. In a sea of white picnic tables and towering pines, the curl of smoke from a pizza oven hovered over happy humans in straw hats dining al fresco on the very soil from which their food sprung. It could only be a scene from The Sylvia Center’s 14th Annual Summer Benefit Saturday, July 24 at Katchkie Farm in Kinderhook, New York. Read more.


The Sylvia Center Packs a Picnic and a Virtual Paddle Raise

Rural Intelligence | August, 2020

It was the best possible reincarnation of the fundraiser, which supports The Sylvia Center’s programming that provides opportunities for young people who learn how to identify, prepare and prioritize fresh, healthy food —a toolkit of life skills. Read more.

The Sylvia Center Uses Food to Fight Injustice 

Edible Manhattan | August, 2020

Although the organization is 13-years-old, “I feel like its moment of truth is now,” said Executive Director Jonathan Cetnarski. Read more.

New free resource for virtual food related learning 

HudsonVallery360 | July, 2020

The Sylvia Center has gone digital with a summer-long schedule of free virtual learning events designed to engage parents and their kids of all ages kids with informative culinary connected fun. Read more.

40 Under 40: The Rising Stars in NYC Food Policy (Class of 2020) 

Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center | July, 2020

The Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center has released its annual class of New York City’s 40 individuals under 40 years old who are working to transform the food system. Read more.

The Sylvia Center Goes Digital with Fun Food & Cooking Education for Kids and Their Parents

Hudson Valley Eats | July, 2020

The Sylvia  Center has gone digital  with a summer-long schedule of free virtual learning events designed to engage parents and their kids of all ages kids with informative culinary connected  fun. Read here.

Virtual Cooking Classes

Your Time to Fly | April, 2020

The Sylvia Center has pivoted to creating more online resources: home-based kitchen tutorials, fun activities, and recipes for children and families to learn nutrition and healthy cooking.  Read here.

Easy Pantry Recipes You Can Make While in Quarantine

friendsEat | April, 2020

Community Chef Selina Preyer-Blakney’s frozen berry compote is featured in the breakfast selection for easy pantry recipes to make during COVID-19 quarantine.  Read here.

Liz Neumark Talks Teaching Healthy Habits to Kids, COVID-19

Food Tank | March, 2020

Liz Neumark, founder of The Sylvia Center and CEO of Great Performances discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the catering company and The Sylvia Center’s efforts in using digital platforms so that young people can continue to learn skills.  Listen here.


The Sylvia Center’s Farm Dinner Celebrates Kids and Cooking

Rural Intelligence | July, 2019

When you’re greeted by little sprites clutching farm-fresh herbs for you to smell, when you witness teens assembling two types of bruschetta that they themselves designed, and when you hear one of them talk about her life-changing experience in a culinary program, you can only be at The Sylvia Center’s Farm Dinner.  Read more.

Farm Dinner to Benefit Columbia Co.’s Leading Nutrition Educator

imby | July, 2019

The meal will showcase Hudson Valley ingredients, including produce from Katchkie Farm, throughout, while spotlighting The Sylvia Center’s activities with tours of the organization’s on-site teaching garden, where students learn how food grows and the skills to cook healthy meals.  Read more.

Recipe: Sweet and Savory Summer Rolls

Rural Intelligence | June, 2019

This seasonal and tasty recipe requires NO cooking, keeping your house as cool as a cucumber, which coincidentally you can find in these rolls. Packed with fresh local fruits and/or vegetables and served with two zesty dipping sauces, they make a great lunch, snack or dinner.  Read more.