Charita Johnson James from CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute

By June 18, 2020News

Charita Johnson James, from CUNY Urban Food and Policy Institute joins us as The Sylvia Center’s final guest speaker as the Teen Culinary Apprenticeship wraps up this week. This was an amazing opportunity to learn about food nutrition programs and the difficulties of navigating through this time. Thank you Charita for your words of encouragement on how we all can make a difference.

Charita Johnson James is the Director of Youth And Community Development at the CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute and oversees projects that galvanizes young people in food justice leadership and civic engagement. She also assists non-profits and community based organizations in developing and implementing healthy food and youth engaging projects. She has a deep interest in community nutrition, providing culturally sensitive nutrition education, food security, and improving access to healthy and affordable foods in low-income neighborhoods. She is also the founder of My SoulFull Nutrition, a wellness company that produces healthier recipes of popular comfort foods, and teaches individuals how to have a nourishing and balanced diet. She holds a MS in Nutritional Sciences from Rutgers University, and a BS in Community Health Education from Hunter College