Chef Wu to join The Sylvia Center’s Virtual Fundraiser!

By October 22, 2020News

The Sylvia Center is pleased to announce that Chef Wu will join our November 11th “Art of Cooking Virtual Fundraiser” as guest chef instructor. Chef Wu will close out the show with a delicious cooking demonstration perfect for Fall!

About Chef Wuta Onda

Chef Wu is as New York as New York gets. As a Bronx-native, he’s a chef deeply inspired by the city – the culture, the people, and his upbringing have created the foundation for where his passion for food stems.

His Nigerian roots and upbringing around multicultural cuisine have influenced his pallet; as a self-trained master of flavors, he brings both a unique and familial point of view to his food.

After successfully getting an apron during the 2019 season of Masterchef, his love for cooking has evolved from the show to more programming and experiential opportunities. As a New York City public school teacher of 10 years, Wu not only teaches middle schoolers math and literacy, but also partners with The Sylvia Center cooking program teaching young chefs how to make plant based meals. His love of food, cooking and learning has allowed him to continue to grow as a chef.

Chef Wu will be joined by our host, Jamie McDonald, along with staff and members of our board for what will be an enjoyable gathering!

Your support enables The Sylvia Center to continue its work delivering high impact programming while helping kids develop a toolkit of skills necessary to be successful in the classroom and in the kitchen.

This year, because our fundraiser will be virtual, your generous support will be 100% tax deductible and a portion of the proceeds will be used to fund fresh food meal kits for The Sylvia Center kids and their families.

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