Chicken Mail 05.15.2020 | Chicken Eggs

By May 22, 2020March 16th, 2022News


Why do chickens lay different colored eggs and does one color taste better than the other? Thanks for sending us great questions Anya! This week’s chicken mail features a question that led to the discussion of life cycles and the food chain. Please be advised we do cover the topic of predators. Both our response and the book featured in the video approach the topic of life and death in a thoughtful way appropriate for children.

Every living thing needs energy to live and energy comes from food. The farm teaches us where food comes from and gives us a chance to see the full life cycle. The food chain helps us understand the connection between living things. While we do our best to grow and nurture, all living things will naturally come to an end. The cycle of life on a farm is both hard and rewarding.

Book: Sonya’s Chickens

Author and Illustrator: Phoebe Wahl


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