Chicken Mail 05.29.2020 | Pancakes, Pancakes!

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Our hens joined a younger flock of chickens. We received chicken mail from Evan. Thank you for the beautiful artwork!

Book: Pancakes, Pancakes!
Author and Illustrator: Eric Carle


Interested in sending our chickens mail? You can write and/or draw to them in the following ways:

1. Send Mail to:

The Sylvia Center Chickens
745B Fischer Road
Kinderhook, NY 12106


2. Direct Message them on our Instagram – @SylviaCenter


3. Send an email to (add “Chickens” in your title). Send our chickens your questions, comments, concerns, poems, drawings, paintings and other creative communication. They’d love to hear from you and send a cluck-a-doodle-do back.

Wondering how they will reply? On Fridays, look to our Instagram page @SylviaCenter for their response!