Dietetic Intern Spotlight: Evelyn Munoz

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Dietetic Intern Spotlight: Evelyn Munoz

Evelyn’s parents emigrated from Mexico to the United States in the early 1990’s. They arrived to Queens, New York where she was born and raised. Evelyn spends most of her time with family. They like to go to the movies and visit Mexico for their vacations. When she’s not with family, Evelyn likes to explore and listen to different music genres while enjoying a cup of coffee!

Q & A

1.How did you become interested in the field of dietetics? Why do you want to be a dietician?
I took different classes in college to help me decide the career I wanted to focus on. My advisor recommended attending orientation sessions so I could learn more about the degrees offered. During an orientation session for the nutrition program, one of the professors was really passionate about the nutrition field and explained that nutrition is related to everything in our surroundings. I was really surprised by the fact that a dietitian was able to have opportunities in different areas and not just in a hospital setting. As I took my nutrition courses, I realized that nutrition is not just about how food impacts the body, but it also considers cultural and social factors that influence peoples’ dietary behaviors. I want to enter the dietetics profession with this principle in mind and educate people on the various ways they can improve their lifestyles. I also wish to become a resource for people who are in need of nutritional guidance due to nutrition-related diseases.

2.What do you want to learn at The Sylvia Center? What does food mean to you?
At The Sylvia Center, I want to get insight on how curriculum is developed and how a non-profit organization functions. I also want to gain culinary skills by being part of the cooking classes. Food is literally life — we all need food to survive but at the same time, food allows us to connect with other people, and create memories!

3.What message do you want to tell young people about healthy eating?
I would like to tell young people that healthy eating does not mean they have to give up on their favorite foods. I would also like to let them know that healthy eating is definitely NOT eating bland vegetables and salads. Healthy eating is more about valuing foods based on the benefits they provide to your body.

4.What is your favorite recipe to make?
I like to make grain bowl salads. This is a super versatile recipe that can be loaded with nutrients since you can add as many ingredients as you like. Most importantly, it takes very little time to prepare and it is easy to make!