Family Farm Day

By June 5, 2017May 3rd, 2024Archive

From kneading dough, to planting peppers, to picking herbs from the garden, there was so much to do last Saturday at the farm.  For those in attendance, it was a time to gather with the staff of The Sylvia Center and also enjoy time with their families amidst the beautiful scenery at Katchkie Farm.  After taking a tour of the garden to see what was blooming and growing, children and their families picked their favorite herbs to add to their pizza.  We had a great time hosting families at the Learning Garden and can’t wait for next year’s event. Thank you to everyone who visited and helped us get a head start on spring planting for the summer and fall!

If you’d like to make a farm fresh pizza at home, you can use our recipe that is adapted from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice by Peter Reinhart and was prepared by Chefs Anna Kosa and Sharon Robinson of Great Performances. Thank you Chefs!

Pizza Dough

makes 2 pizzas

20.25 ounces Unbleached High-Gluten Bread Flour, chilled
0.44 ounce  sea salt
0.11 ounce instant yeast
2 ounces olive oil
14 ounces water, ice cold (40°F)
Semolina flour OR cornmeal for dusting

  1. Mix everything together with a dough hook on the standing mixer.
  2. Mix 7 minutes on low speed and 7 minutes on speed 2.
  3. When dough comes together in an elastic consistency. It may need adjustment either flour or water if too wet or too dry. The finished dough will be springy, elastic, and sticky, not just tacky, and register a temperature of 50 to 55 degrees Farenheit.
  4. Pull from machine and rest 30 minutes.
  5. Divide into two 18 ounce portions and roll into tight balls. Cover in additional olive oil.
  6. Rest for 4 hours or overnight in the refrigerator.
  7. Remove from refrigeration 2 hours prior to use.