Keep Our Kids Cooking

By March 26, 2020April 27th, 2020News

Dear Sylvia Center Community,

While the doors to our Sylvia Center community kitchens are temporarily closed, we have a duty to continue our work, and to find other ways to keep growing skills for healthy eating and cooking. The Sylvia Center will be open online to provide fun and engaging lessons for students, families and teachers over the coming weeks.

Our amazing Chef Theresa Morelli, from our Cooks for Health program, just posted her first video. You can keep up with our growing library of content and find ways to sharpen your own skills on our website and by following our social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Join us in our virtual kitchen and create deeper impact by:

–       Liking and sharing our videos with friends and family

–       Tagging us in your own videos when you cook or try our recipes

–       Helping us continue our important work by making a gift today.

Preparing healthy, nutritious meals together is one way that we can continue to feel connected during these stressful times. And teaching these skills has never been more important. Our students will be distance learning over the coming weeks, and the Sylvia Center will be there for them providing fun and engaging lessons on cooking and food education.

We recognize that the communities that we serve will feel the impact of the pandemic most severely. We will continue to post resource information for our families on how to access local emergency food programs, while we’re teaching families how to use those staple ingredients.

As a friend to the Sylvia Center, you can help us continue to support our mission by supporting our work today, and ensuring we can re-open our in-person programs stronger than ever. Please consider making a donation today.


All the Best,

The Sylvia Center Team