Listen to ‘The Parts of a Plant’

By October 28, 2019January 19th, 2024Events, On the Farm

You can sing along to this lovely song created at Farm Camp. Special guest, John Farrell joined The Sylvia Center for the last day of Farm Camp week 2 for a songwriting workshop. These are the lyrics that the farm campers and their parents came up with to go along with John’s melody. He wrote the chorus and created the verses with the campers!


The Parts of a Plant 

Each plant has many parts

Each part has a job to do

The parts of the plant work together

Making food for me and you

The root is under the ground

It brings the good stuff around

The stem holds the parts together

Through all kinds of weather

The leaf comes off of the stem

It collects water and sun

The flower produces the fruit

And eating the fruit is fun



*Big thanks to John Farrell for joining us at Farm Camp and sharing your talent with the farm campers and parents!