Make Rice Cake Tartlets with Chef Destiny

By April 17, 2020May 3rd, 2024Recipes

This is a great activity for engaging children in practicing their motor skills. Share with us what you make!


Rice Cake Tartlets 

Makes 12


1 package of rice cakes, preferably whole grain (or use minis)


Optional toppings:

12 oz cream cheese 

12 oz ricotta cheese

1 cup of peanut butter, almond butter, or sunflower seed butter

Fresh fruit, such as peaches, blueberries,  strawberries, bananas

Toasted coconut, oats, nuts, or seeds

Honey to drizzle



  1. If using cream cheese, let it soften at room temperature so it’s easier to spread. 
  2. Wash and cut fruit. 
  3. Choose cream cheese, ricotta, or nut butter and spread 1-2 oz (about 2 Tablespoons) on a rice cake. 
  4. Top with a variety of fresh fruit and other toppings. Drizzle with honey and enjoy! 











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