Philmont Teens Pickle Campaign

By August 19, 2019May 3rd, 2024Archive

Our teens’ internship at Philmont studied how to make a complete product from start to finish. For their independent study, they worked on a marketing campaign to understand how to develop strong marketing materials and decide how to market their own products. The product was quick pickles where the teens researched, developed, and selected various ingredients and seasonings for the flavor they wanted to bring out in their pickles. They also designed creative and fun labels for the pickle jars. 

Zoë designed her label for Zoë’s Quick Pickles by hand. She used watercolor to add some beautiful but delicate color! Then, the picture was scanned and printed on label paper.  Zoë chose her flavors by the season, incorporating cucumbers, cabbage, peppers, and carrots that were all in perfect bloom in the Learning Garden. The quick pickle flavors she made were “Sweet and Spicy”, and “Slaw”. 

Diamond came up with the flavors for her pickles before designing the label.  She wanted to do an Asian style pickle, made with soy sauce, ginger, garlic and even a touch of fish sauce.  The pickles came out so colorful that she decided to call them Colorful Asian Inspired Quick Pickles. The quick pickles she made were “Zucchini and Cucumber”. 

Imogen was very passionate about using seasonal and healthy beets for her quick pickles.  She flavored her beet and cucumber pickles simply with only onions and garlic, while her slaw was a bit spicy with jalapeno.  She joked around trying to think of a name and randomly came up with Grandma Sal’s. Her quick pickles are “Beet and Cucumber”, and “Jalapeno Slaw”. 

C.J. was really excited about pickling a fruit so she decided to make pickled plums.  Thanks to the surplus of cucumbers from the garden, she decided to use these as well to keep them from spoiling.  Her label inspiration is from her dream to own her own restaurant called Rose’s Serenity Harvest. The rose and moon on her label are inspired by her love for roses and attention to the moon cycle.  Her quick pickles are “Sweet Pickled Plums” and ‘Thyme and Fennel Cucumbers”.