Welcome to the Team!

By October 11, 2023February 12th, 2024News, The Power of Cooking

We are thrilled to welcome four new full-time staff members to The Sylvia Center. Let’s meet our new ambassadors for healthy eating!


Pontip Rasavong, Development Director

For the past 15 years, Pontip Rasavong has worked at various nonprofits in development, marketing, and communications roles. She joins us now as our Development Director with particular expertise in individual giving, events, and data management – and a passion for food! “The Sylvia Center’s mission is one that rings true to my heart. Having grown up in the Bronx with two working parents, my after-school meals were primarily fast food and whatever I could get from the bodega, because that’s all I knew. I am honored to be part of such a powerful movement that promotes healthy eating by building the foundation with our young people.” 


Guadalupe Lucero, Communications Manager

Joining us as Communications Manager is Guadalupe Lucero, founder and pastry cook of Concha.Bao Bakery, a business she established during COVID. Having worked in both the culinary and nonprofit sectors, Lupe is excited to combine her passions for food and supporting the community. “I am thinking and talking about food 24/7! I wholeheartedly believe that food and cooking are powerful tools for community building, preserving culture, and regaining agency over one’s body. I am excited to be a part of this team and help expand access to fun informative programming for our youth.”


Tara Nash, Operations and Programs Evaluation Associate

Tara Nash is no stranger to TSC as she takes on her new role as Operations and Evaluation Associate. She started her journey with TSC as a program evaluation volunteer while working on her Masters of Public Health degree from Columbia. She was hired as a Chef Assistant and was finally promoted to Chef Instructor. “My love language is food. Whenever my immigrant mother wanted to show me support during my long hours of study, she would drop off slices of love through a plate of fresh fruit. This sentiment, of bringing plates of love, has become a pillar in my life. I’m so grateful to continue to show this love through working with such an amazing organization.”


David Chase, Data and Development Assistant

With a background in data and storytelling, and a passion for food, David Chase joins TSC as our Data and Development Assistant. He is excited to be part of a team that brings the joy of healthy cooking into the lives of kids across New York. “Food is such a unifying force, and seeing the ways in which young people find empowerment and community through The Sylvia Center’s culinary programs has been truly inspiring. I feel fortunate to be a part of such an amazing team.


Welcome to the team!

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