Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day from The Sylvia Center! 

Since our founding on Katchkie Farm in 2007, we have known that understanding food – from seed to plate – is an incredible way to share our mission of healthy eating and cooking with young New Yorkers, and help our students and families lead productive and healthy lives.

Now more than ever, understanding our connection to the earth and local food systems can keep our families and communities healthy. 

Eating fresh, healthy food is critical to our overall wellbeing, and essential to boosting our immune systems. However, as we have seen, many of the communities we serve are facing significant challenges in accessing food, both fresh and pantry-staple ingredients.

In celebration of Earth Day, we want to do all we can to fight for fair and equal access to affordable, healthy food.

The Sylvia Center is teaming up with community partner, the Philmont Food Co-Op, to take our family series virtual.  We will provide affordable Fresh Farm Meal Kits to our upstate families to take home where they are invited to join Community Chef Selina in preparing a nourishing meal for four.

We’ll also continue sharing videos and recipes from our team of amazing chefs on our website and our social media channels – InstagramFacebook, and Twitter – for you and your family to try.

Together, we can ensure the future health of our communities.

Recipe of the Week










Our Whatever You Want Soup can serve as a canvas for any kind of chunky soup. Mix and match ingredients to suit your cravings, using an aromatic base of onions and garlic, seasonings, flavorful stock (or water), and whatever main ingredients you choose.

With just a bit of time, ordinary ingredients can become an extraordinary meal for tonight, and for days to come!


Activity of the Week

Tin Cans, Eggshells, and Twigs OH MY!

Celebrate Earth Day with our Recycled Container Projects and lessons on how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Collect all sorts of containers for your young gardener to be creative while learning about sustainability and protecting the environment!


Helping Hospital and Healthcare Workers

In response to the incredible challenges our hospitals and healthcare centers are facing, we launched the Fresh Meal Fund with our friends at Great Performances to deliver delicious, fresh, and nourishing meals to nurses, doctors, and critical staff working at hospitals throughout New York City.

We are tremendously grateful for the incredible generosity we have seen from all types of donors – companies, foundations, and individuals like you. With your support, we have raised almost $600,000 and provided thousands of fresh, delicious, and healthy meals to our heroes on the frontlines.

Visit our donation page to learn more and make your gift today!

Looking Ahead

Upcoming Video Tutorials

  • Chef Sarah Heasley makes Homemade Pasta
  • Chef Doreece Dyer makes Marinara
  • Chef Theresa Morelli makes Pasta with Beans & Greens
  • and more!



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