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“These classes have introduced our family to a whole new world of eating. Ben is excited to try new recipes and making the meals has increased his independence. He is learning the importance of eating vegetables!” 

-Mary, family class participant, Philmont NY

Mary and Ben participated in our Cooks for Health Family program, a 6-week virtual cooking class coupled with meal kits. By the end of each class, a healthy dinner for the whole family is on the table. Mary exclaims, “Ben is always so proud of making a meal and then sharing it with the family. As a parent, I am so grateful. We love cooking classes!”

Help empower youth and families on a path of health and well-being.

A collage of three dishes.

Cooks for Health Families share their plated dishes!

The roots of health disparities start in childhood, so youth-focused programs are crucial for children to develop the intellectual skills, creativity, and well-being required to become healthy and productive adults.* The Sylvia Center programs effectively teach families the importance of including youth in cooking at home. Over 90% of families want to join our program again, our families are hungry to learn more.

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Thank you to everyone who has supported The Sylvia Center this year. We appreciate your generous support of our life-altering programs.

*(Black et al., 2017)

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